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  • the use of this catalogue with 20,000 images is free online, since 1990 … please FIRST SCROLL DOWN and read : the SUMMARY of most important …explained very simple in 20 sentences … all down the page …
    To use the catalogue : please start using left collumn … and if you have questions, then please email me and click here to send mail to ….
  • We thank all collectors that have visited us worldwide on fairs during last 50 years
    Please be welcome in Antwerp, always at your service, also week-end and non-working-days 7/7 on appointment (mail/phone/Skype one day earlier to confirm hour of arrival - you can adjust anytime : also other day, other week etc… SMS 0475 69 28 47
  • LITHO STONE PRINT HAND PRESS ART GALERY - this will be partly a new site to be set up - It is my facebook site that will be used in the beginning : ….. I want to share and express my vison that also cheap old litho-art can educate us in feeling the real labour of artists, not capable to break through, but surely their work moves our emotions
    Our eyes do not see everything unless we focus, or train our brain to see more details. We experience , that enjoying ART depends on our attention, and certainly we need time, to SEE better = FEEL BETTER. Lithography with many colours OR paintings with only one color ,,, but with MANY subtile shades … makes us FEEL the "hard work" AND makes us feel our compassion. Then we make part, integrate with the artists feelings and capacities.
  • my French website COLLECTOMANIA click here : mon site en langue Française …… meinen Deutschen website COLLECTOMANIA click bitte : meinen Deutschen website ……my DUTCH website Collectomania click hier :mijn Nederlandstaloge website COLLECTOMANIA
    goto catalogues: click left yellow colored collumn FOR alfabetical titlelist OR all Liebig in 1 country ( click on it in left yellow coloured collumn ; then in new opened new page : select country and then click on SEARCH), FOR all searches click on left collumn AND make you choice in NEW opened ages. Enjoy
    to knock down my sending costs please force yoursself by buying above 100$ ( work with lists). You get discounted when we can send full years or numbered lists …Up to 50% discount if buying 75 cheap sets …30 sets means minus30% …AND 40 sets means then minus 40% : ======use the paypal icon, let Paypal add up …and in the accompanying Paypal note, or in an email or letter let me know some more numbers you need ( adding up to your total of your discount) … that is the easy way we can work together … no complications … AND always with money back guaranty ====
  • Liebig calalogue in left collumn: please click on FOR SALE ( LIEBIG) and then choose country & language. Mail me and join a list with sets of your choice and I will send discounted price in detailed list. You can use Paypal for indicated available sets.
    The first discount : is that I send FREE above 50 Euros, Your 2nd discount is one for buying above 100 Euro = sending free registered with Track and Trace. Once above 100 euro you get suplementary 20% AND above 250 Euro 25%. All discounts works with the lists of wanted sets you provide, to be joined in your sending .
  • goto Whatapp, my phone is 3200475692847 =in Belgium 0475692847 and my name Albert van den bosch and then phone me on your whatapp, and open your video or send me a message
    To send me an email click on this line : mail to Albert Van den Bosch
  • Catalogue prices are NOT our selling prices, they are informative only AND Our used photographs are just examples from how images look And to show different TEKST lines So photographs are NOT from the cards you buy (if you want them ): - photographed set is just an example from French language cards - we have those sets & cards in the language you need
    just start an email communication and we will send photographs of the sets you want in the language you need And we will send photographs (front and reverse) from the sets of your choice AND with a discounted price proposal from mint sets to very good ones
  • please don’t ask me for the very very rare
    when we are friends then you can acquire these too from me … but the very rare are, those are on waitinglists, that means a whole administration and I can only do this if we manage to have very good communications and a strong business relationship,
  • Many of my sales are Auctions , and you can make me offers … for individual scarse sets we will accept, if you do not not exagerate ….. For cheap priced sets 10% discount is acceptable if arriving above 50$ in one package and one payment. AND above 100$ minus 20% is accept able if combining to sales in one day and one Paypal payment and then I can send in same package … free sending and with Track and Trace, is then included as wel as minus 30% discount if arriving at 250$ in combined senidngs
    We moved out of EBAY .... Now our auction sales sales are in my WEBshop-Delcampe in Belgium. Payments via Bank o r Paypal my webshop albert.vandenbosch at MY DELCAMPE AUCTIONS . We have more than 10,000 sales on this auction site,
  • At all those fairs GSM
    mobile phone : 0032(0)475692847
Collectors please come to our home in Antwerp ... OR :
  • use PayPal or VISA just push the buttons ...
  • OR send us a letter with your wanted-sets-list to : Albert Van den Bosch
    Schotensesteenweg 173
    2100 Deurne - ANTWERPEN

    15 minutes from ANTWERP Central Station, take TRAM 10
    tel +32 475 69 28 47
  • 55 years in business
  • We send with Money-Back guaranty
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Liebig's Extract of Meat chromo advertising card, lithographic - all collections for sale at wwwDOTcollectomaniaDOTbe - ephemera and trade card shop for 50 years active in Antwerp = Belgium +32 475 69 28 47

Liebig history

The liebig extract of meat company has edited since 1867 many ephemera and more than 10.000 trade cards sets in many languages. All these ephemera lithographic chromos are real antiques and more than 100 years old.  All chromo’s series are photographed and are available on this site. And practically all cards can be ordered.  Each set has many variations in verso and reverse depending on those country-languages.  Also examples of albums, menu cards, table cards, calendars and cook books have been listed in the catalogue   Many collectors do collect and invest in these to antiques related antiquarian ephemara. The domain is so big that it is both very interesting & intelectual to invest and learn at the same time : printing techniques, historiacl value, and not forget the educational and artistical worth. Chromos indeed are lithographic artwork, not yet appreciated and therefor far under-estimated by many institutional investors. We sell not only the cards which generations of collectors are looking for more than 100 years. My core business is selling full collections when arriving directly to interested investors. Buying one in an overall good condition is a good investment AND it is outstanding to have such a nice collection in your library at home or in your office. The liebig's collection and all other company's-collections have a full potential growth since 50 years of 10% each year, average for the common sets before 1900, but 20 - 30% average for rare sets and individual rare cards. It is a misunderstanding to collect those cards one by one because there will be so much lost time involved by seaching and a lot of frustration by not finding! Believe an expert : call me +32 475 69 28 47 ... my name is Albert Van den bosch


Sell your unwanted trade card collections
LIEBIG, SET, EPHEMERA,  achat chomos, collections en albums, Lemco, sets, series, Liebig, thematic theme, subject search, card, Kart, chromo, hobby, collect, old, antique, Lemco, Oxo, menu, ephemera,  vieux papier, album, Leibig, Leebig Vendez nous vos collections de chromos et cartes publicitaires
LIEBIG, SET, EPHEMERA,  aankoop verzamelingen thematische kaartjes, chromos,Lemco, sets, series, Liebig, thematic theme, subject search, card, Kart, chromo, hobby, collect, old, antique, Lemco, Oxo, menu, ephemera,  vieux papier, album, Leibig, Leebig Verkoop ons uw verzameling 
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