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Some sets were made for the Americas. English speaking USA and CANADA . There is and always have been a big French speaking community in CANADA. So the company edited also sets with French text on reverse side, all blue with a transversal signature. This set and the following nr 0118 were certainly distributed in the UK , English, black and withe reverse side for Great brittain and BLUE text on rear side for the States and Canada French or English language rear side.

So, it my opinion that BLUE French reverse sides with transversal signature were for distribution in French speaking Canada

there must have been a considerable thinking by management of the Liebig company how to administrate al those different editions for every country ANOTHER bacckside ! This would also make it possible for certain printings all big variations in signatures and colors were there to distinguish distribution for Luxembourg, French Canada and Paris Area ( 10 million only in Paris region ). So all English publications have the transversal signature : Black and white TEXT, with blue or black signature for GREAT BRITTAIN

And BLUE text for the all America on the backside

Year: 1884
Format: mm 102 x 69

Exists in these languages :
Chinesen II
(Chinois)... (title in this language not known)
Chinesen II
  • This study is limited to all sets edited in English language
  • Please note that some of these have never been printed in other languages and therefore do not appear in other catalogues
  • We distinguish 5 ONLY-ENGLISH sets as a first notice
  • then the other ENGLISH-LANGUAGE sets, which appeared also in other languages
  • So will list all those which appeared in the UK, Canada and U.S.A. including LEMCO and OXO

This study, my notes started in 1958, continued and on the internet from 1997 until 2003. This new initiative starts 1-1-2004 and has a planning for 5 years

More information: E_0008
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Liebig Antwerpse Collectie  L_0118
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Dreser  R_A041
Drukkerscode  VEIL_1_2_L_0117color
Fada  F_0116
Liebig - English sets  E_0008
Sanguinetti  S_0117
Tourteau  T_0129
DVV 1977  D_A046
Van der Auwera 1954  V_A050

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