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Coronation set LEMCO. 2 different backsideds, blue and brown. They hav borders like a stamp and I once encountered a set toghether plead as an harmonica but I doubt this was original (bound like a page of stamps. I have also found them in the original envelope and "separé"

Year: 1902

Exists in these languages :
Coronation Edward VII
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  • then the other ENGLISH-LANGUAGE sets, which appeared also in other languages
  • So will list all those which appeared in the UK, Canada and U.S.A. including LEMCO and OXO

This study, my notes started in 1958, continued and on the internet from 1997 until 2003. This new initiative starts 1-1-2004 and has a planning for 5 years

More information: E_0006 - Coronation set LEMCO
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Liebig - English sets  E_0006
Sanguinetti  S_0717a

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