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Watercolor - watercolour - Gouache - Aquarelle. Before lithographing a painter made an example of same dimensions. You still see msome brush-lines of one hair ( a brush with one hair was used ti make miniature paintings ! There was a lot of labour before that : the company had to contact divers printers who worked with artists. They should have the subject in mind + knowledge about the educative purpose now aquiring an artistic layout in 6 decorative paintings. All proofs had to be corrected and many meetings preceeded the final artwork which had to be apporved then by the direction both artistic, administrative directors of the company. Then the advertising department had their word too. The finished end proof printings decided whether there should be more to add or to delete and sometimes the whole project was shot of before the end. These marvelous end projects you see here at my site. I have worked for more than 50 years to accumulate this marvelous collection and i hope you enjoy it. Just click on the picture to see more of these. Or use this link : gouaches

Year: 1910

Exists in these languages :
watercolour waterverf aquarel gouache : GERMAN TXT Allemand, duits
  • This study is limited to all sets edited in English language
  • Please note that some of these have never been printed in other languages and therefore do not appear in other catalogues
  • We distinguish 5 ONLY-ENGLISH sets as a first notice
  • then the other ENGLISH-LANGUAGE sets, which appeared also in other languages
  • So will list all those which appeared in the UK, Canada and U.S.A. including LEMCO and OXO

This study, my notes started in 1958, continued and on the internet from 1997 until 2003. This new initiative starts 1-1-2004 and has a planning for 5 years

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