Card condition is one aspect of trading cards that determine the value of a card. There are four areas of interest in determining a cards condition. Centering, corners, edges and surface are taken into consideration, for imperfections, such as color spots and blurred images, and wear, such as creases, scratches and tears, when determining a trading cards value. Cards are considered poor to pristine based on their condition, or in some cases rated 1 through 10.    A card in pristine condition, for example, will be evaluated much higher than a card in poor condition.



Pristine Super

As new

Perfect card. No imperfections or damage to the naked eye and upon close inspection.

Just like it was when first printed. No creases or bends, writing (front or back), no marks of any kind. It is a perfect clean card that's seldom seen.

Mint condition

No marks either side

No printing imperfections or damage to the naked eye. Very minor printing imperfections or damage upon close inspection. Clean gloss with one or two scratches.

Similar to mint in appearance, with only minor corner bumps (wear). No bends, creases, or soil. The may either be postmarked/stamped, or unused. NO writing or marks on image side . It is a clean, fresh card.

Near Mint

Slight marks

Noticeable, but minor, imperfections or wear on the card. Solid gloss with very minor scratches.

Corners may be slightly bumped (worn) or rounded. May have an almost undetectable (very light, very small, and/or very short) crease or bend that doesn't detract from the overall appearance of the image side. No soiling, or tears. May have writing or collectors name-mark-initials-stamp.

Very Good

Corners bend, creases, tears

Image side perfect

Noticeable imperfections or moderate wear on the card. Heavy gloss lost with very minor scuffing, and an extremely subtle tear.

Corners are more bumped/rounded than very good, with noticeable bends and/or creases. May have a small amount of light soiling (this includes stains and foxing) that doesn't detract from the overall appearance of the image side. May have a little bit of writing in small letters at edges on the front side of the card, that doesn't detract from main image (many times, however, writing on the front will detract from main image). May have a small tear, no larger than 3/8 inch.



Image side still ok

Noticeable scuffing or tear.

Heavy imperfections or heavy wear on the card. Almost no gloss. Minor scuffing or very minor tear .  May have cut borders for a extreme rare card.  May have total loss of paper and glue remains if the card is rare !


Paper loss

Destructiveloss of paper, corners, holes  or wear on the card. No gloss. Heavy scuffing, severe tear or heavy creases.  Can still be a valuable card if rare.